Forced Adoption

Baby stolen at birth, denied medical treatment and sustained 2 head injuries under Cardiff local authorities. We’ve been fighting an injustice 23 months. In 3 of these, you will see the head injuries, and her hair wasn’t growing (due to being laying down long periods this was ignored) it’s abuse. Forced adoption social services use future harm and we still campaign to be heard. She was the first child born and the first grandchild.transferred her to another hospital away from her family.. hundreds of families losing their children. We demand a public inquiry and apology. Allegations that are untrue and denied witness, in the secret family courts. Fabricated lies putting families through hell. The dad still denied 2 go on the birth certificate, old enough to kill in the military army (training) but not to have a family. No criminal convictions, there no drink/drugs history an only started smoking their reports and false allegations. Told to amend papers and never, on two occasions. Please subscribe and share and follow us on our campaigns and protesting. We wish you all well x


5 thoughts on “Forced Adoption

    1. We had 1 death by the local authorities who paid to covered up with the vale of Glamorgan. Same family courts in cardiff. Baby number 2 sustained numerous head injuries and denied medical treatment from dec 2015 -may 2016, her sibling by another father we were told if we fought for her too to keep them together we would loose both. That was the most heartbreaking knowing we had to make a Choice ,sibling was born prematurely blind in one eye and deaf in one ear she had a stamp ,twin tracked after birth. My GD was twin tracked by a D/J sustained a injury another judge (mag) done in a 1 day hearing another , he stamped again another ICO/FH/AP orders knowing she had sustained injuries. Evidence has also come to light a report that my granddaughter sustained a injury at 6 weeks an 2 days old to her ear (knocked it with f/c baby also waiting adoption) again in report no medical treatment and parents were not told. A 19 page report was completed and they hid it however I made 19 copies giving it to MPs child commission,solicitor etc att so couldn’t be denied. There stealing newborn babies from hospital wards are assisting by letting them stay there 5 days. New evidence have come to light showing 92 cases in applications in cardiff family courts were done over 43 day period,a set of twins and Baby were taken to leads to a adoption fair,a solicitor told us,the same day as the mother lost them. Baby Elsie’s (birth name Shayla O Brian) nanny wasn’t allowed to have her,have done a marvellous job in raising siblings, the babies especially newborn babies are going for a lot of money , babies 0-5 yrs are adopted immediately and the older siblings /children are left in a destroyed system that’s abused them for decades. The more you learn,the more knowledge you get and the more people can help. 1 Appeal was refused as the original judge lied and didn’t have the jurisdiction to do such a substantive order. There was no change in circumstances? The Baby was abused,had head injuries,the ss tried covering up ,different judges,social workers we’ve never met to this day and a trainee who trafficked her without the courts leave or even telling her appointed guardian for 2 months she had to give oral evidence as kept calling GD a boy and admitting a false report to the (Mag) judge. Recordings don’t lie especially when ppl are desperate and I would take the consequences if arise… charged £7k then finds the solicitors was telling the LA everything’s and claimed legal aid (no better than all involved). They should have applied for a special application and didn’t (I would love to know which part of the above wasn’t relevant or a change in circumstances) but we will keep fighting and trying to help as many parents and grandparents as possible. There’s so many I’ve had to give Ian’s details,this is illegal and criminal,there breeding in the system with teenagers and taking there baby’s we know of 12 orders already on the mums unborn babies.


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