FINALLY EXPOSED- UK Courts Stealing Kids


15 thoughts on “FINALLY EXPOSED- UK Courts Stealing Kids

  1. Mash, multi agency local authority councils set up, I’ve realised its to take more children. Multi agency means a social worker who has a limited company that would conflict with there council work as a social worker, what I’m telling you all they are not employees of the council . They work for the council under the cloak and dagger MASH their own ltd company, this is why many lie and make horrendous false statements to secure children into the fostering homes, agencies because many have a financial interest in what we all know stolen children. and broken hearts children in care, I run on facebook exposing fraud, corruption, child trafficking, by UK local authority councils.


  2. My daughter was taken into care in 2012. My horrible lifechanging experience has left me fully aware of the social services scandal destroying families all over the UK. A brutal cash cow operation councils, police, social services solicitors and barristers all in on achieving one goal to cash in on bonuses awarded to every child that’s adopted. As well as councils and social services financially rewarded as soon as the care proceedings start! Long drawn out and worst of all mentally draining tactics used to stack untrue, inaccurate evidence.

    My daughter has been placed in a diprived single parents house who’s partner dyed from a heroin overdose regardless of personal circumstances – worst of all in the town me and my whole family live in actually placed two minutes walk from my parents (Lydia’s grandparents) address – I had to move away seeing my daughter and having my friends ring me up constantly saying they have seen my daughter wasn’t ideal.
    I employed one of the best family solicitors around still didn’t stand a chance the system is stacked against you from start to finish.
    I could talk for hours but wherever there’s financial incentives there’s corruption just didn’t expect to be so in my face!

    this harrowingly corrupt organisation needs to be exposed the only way we can do it is by all coming together to share our experiences using what strength we still have maybe we can stop this from happening again.
    Laws are set in place for safe practise. The police trained to serve and protect us NOT STEAL OUR CHILDREN!!

    If you want to get in contact
    Reach out to me on Instagram jo.sh5416

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    1. I run broken hearts in care on facebook. I became another victim is ss corruption, so that’s why I decided to investigate social workers names, business. Who led to who. Fortunes I found are being made by very wealthy business directors of many children’s care companies. Not only that some are actually employees of local council authorities. At the moment I believe I’m investigating a fake family court solicitor who acts for at least 10 local authorities mostly London. Essex. Cambridge. Thurrock and Kent plus outer Surrey. One social worker I will point out. Ageyman has at least 6 private care companies. Has no end of different dates of both and first names. These are the social workers that victims of ss are up against. My children’s books soon will be able to help bring these criminals to book. soon to go live thanks to a wonderful person who cares really cares. So please support and donate if you can. Than you Alan Brunwin children’s author at


  3. I know in 2011 the London Borough of Sutton were trafficking children into their care system. Info from press report and chief executive had to leave his job. Still no police investigating these were crimes uninvestigated and its shameful

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    1. So many fraudsters untouchable fraudsters I personally uncovered. The corruption was is aimed at children, property, land, and so on. Who many use at the lower end of financial gain, many that don’t give to hoots about children, family life the destruction of it. Employment agencies that bring in droves to work in social services or the NHS many with bogus, fake paperwork declaring they are a professional. What get’s me no one really checks. HCPC except word of month or email copies of qualifications. Once rejisterd the UK is thier oyster. Job, house, car supplied even money to move. Joke UK and we as longstanding resident’s suffer because of this corruption. Children stolen. Homes and land stolen. Lifes destroyed. Its not just the conservatives, labour far left and liberal democrats major problem in the UK. All the time the keep playing the migration from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, south Africa we will keep suffering at the hands of these many none professionals that have been given professional jobs. Agyeman. Moyo scams. Richardson social worker of many names and so on the list is so long. I investigated doing an unpaid job because I care about what’s going on. Tandekia Chituwu social worker from surrey or child abuser Millicent Obrou along with Darlington Gwatidzo, what I know I will chase after these and others all the time they bed down in the UK.


  4. The mind boggles. Taking as many kids as they can just to get funding. Is their nothing people won’t do for money ? – every single SS officer involved in this needs jailing !! – time social services were shut down. They are not saving kids who need it. They are wrecking familys and kids who could do without it. Get rid of the lot of the SS scumbags !!!

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  5. Family judges are so corrupt they will always side with lying scrum social workers doctors are paid what to say in there reports no loving family stands a chance even the high court judges dismiss a case before evidence is even heard knowing your kids have been sexually abused and neglected in foster care


    1. Social worker said that I have one more chance Before she will take to legal proceedings and she gave me a list of fabricated reasons before she will take to proceedings legal proceedings because and she gave me a list of fabricated reasons Knowing that they were no doubt evidence because they were true that confident in saying that I’ll be happy to go to court because I’ll knowing that they were no doubt evidence because they were true that confident in saying that I’ll be happy to go to court because I am confident that she had nothing to hold these lies and she said that it doesn’t matter because the judge will believe me they always believe the professionals
      Everyone around
      Me that I’ve told have no reaction at all


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