We are a group who have been through child care proceedings and have first hand experience and information on how the social services along with CAFCASS, the family courts and judges collude to achieve the ultimate goal of having an identified child adopted.

We are shocked by the experience that we decided to share this information, so that any other parents, carers who find themselves in the same situation can are themselves with information and practical help.


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  1. If you complain to S. Council and push it, your emails will be blocked to protect their corruption and you will be blacklisted. Their employees are also suffering it is believed. This council should be taken over as unfit to hold public office. The pain they cause by their lies and malpractice is incalculable. If you don’t live here, don’t come, if you do, leave asap.



  2. My daughter was taken into care in 2002. My daughter was left with tooth decay from the age of 3 to 5 (8 teeth extracted). My daughter was again left with tooth decay from the age of 7 to 10 (6 teeth extracted, 3 filled and 1 restored). My 13 year old daughter needs a brace and false teeth.
    My application to the family court for a specific order that my daughter receive dental treatment was dismissed as the Court had no jurisdiction to make such an order by virtue of S9(1) of the Children’s Act.
    My daughter’s diet is appalling but does not concern the local authority’s exercise of functions under the Children’s Act
    The local authority knowing allowed my 9 year old daughter to be set up with a Facebook account. Despite repeated concerns both verbally and in writing to the local authority/social services and the Independent Reviewing Officer nothing was done. My daughter’s Facebook account has just been deactivated/deleted because one of my daughter’s faceless friends (a man over 20 years older than my daughter) has been registered as a sex offender and sent to jail.
    The male carer was arrested for physical assault of a foster child and the carer’s own adult daughter had substance abuse problems ecstasy and heroin. Her ex-boyfriend has been arrested over 40 time for theft/receiving and has a heroin problem.
    How many other children are being failed by the system


    1. From the very start its a nightmare that becomes so great its hard to stay sane, their criminal power their destruction of good parents the ill treatment of children taken into their so called care, (Care for money they mean) carers can do all the wrongs in the world but thats ok with childrens social services as long as they have control of your now sad child and your family. Corruption proven of social worker who fled the UK using children for his own gain, sutton council childrens services are under Police investigation for child cruelty and corruption but will that be hushed up, do they control the local Police force as well. they control the schools I do know that, i hope with the police they don’t control them, but if they do
      ????? will see


    1. Hi sabine just posted about Sutton council children services an evil run organization I’m telling parent/s with children living there to leave Sutton or there is a good chance their children will be taken away. this is just some of that posting.
      Sutton council children services are rated one of the worst in the country for removing children, a social worker working for Sutton council very recently stated “They are the worst council for doing that” is that why she is leaving the job very soon, she can’t take no more of these evil practises against innocent children and families .. So as a warning to everyone that has children or child living in the London Borough of Sutton Surrey, you should think seriously of moving out of this evil borough as quick as you can, to save your own children being taken off you. Don’t matter if you say “We’ve done nothing wrong, we are good parent/s.” Not in social services eyes, no one is a good parent/s living in The London borough of Sutton, going by they way they are now terrorising so many good families, at home at schools all over the borough they are there traumatizing children and parents.. There has been child cruelty under there command, all hushed up, corruption of a senior social worker who has recently fled the country after being exposed Jan 2014 hushed up again
      “When the devil comes knocking” Your whole family from uncles to grandparents will be disintegrated by their evil practises


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