Why are we still waiting for transparency in the family courts?

Two years ago, legal guidance sought to increase the publication of court judgments. But a lack of resources means many never come to light   lack of resources means many never come to light. Read more Click here   →→


Mother Who Fought To Get Her Baby Back And Won

A mother who lost four children to the care system and then fought the child protection system to keep her fifth, was interviewed today on BBC2.

The interview is a candid look at the system and the ‘risk of future harm’ test, which allows social services to take children from parents who they feel cannot look after their children. The interview also explores how the removal process affects parents and why mothers who lose children to the care system continue to get pregnant.

You can watch the full interview here.


Time To Tell Your Story

On the back of this story, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3264555/Couple-baby-adoption-wrongly-accused-abuse-launch-attempt-win-custody-warned-never-child-again.html 

Start making contat with the media and you MP. You can use this fantastic tool http://www.ukfamilylawreform.co.uk/megaphone/index.htm to send your message to all of them at once.


Latvian child who was found home alone in London flat will be adopted in UK

  • Girl was found alone in dirty south west London flat aged just 21 monthsA Latvian girl will be put up for adoption in the UK despite objections from the country’s prime minister, a Court of Appeal (pictured) judge has ruled
  • Mother fought move to put her up for adoption and denied neglecting child
  • Latvia’s parliament have complained to British Government about the case
  • Court of Appeal upheld decision for the second time to remove the child 
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Let Her Appeal!

Let her appeal! MPs back gran, 58, branded too old to adopt granddaughter: Decision labelled ‘disturbing’ as campaigners say couple must be allowed to argue their case

  • Pressure grows for couple prevented from adopting their only grandchild
  • They were told they were ‘too old’ to look after the girl as she grew older
  • But campaigners have rallied to their defence and branded it ‘disturbing’
  • They have said the elderly couple must be allowed to appeal the decision
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Councils get £30m fund to speed up adoption searches

Money to be announced in budget will cover fees that ministers say discourage local authorities from searching Man and childoutside their borough for parents.

Children in local authority care who are waiting to find new parents are to be helped with a £30m package of support in Wednesday’s post-election budget.

The money will be used to pay fees that local authorities are charged by adoption agencies or other councils for finding, assessing and matching an adoptive parent and child.

Concerns were raised last year after the number of children being put forward for adoption nearly halved in 12 months. The new funds are intended to accelerate the adoption process.

A £27,000 fee is paid for an adoptive parent found from outside a local authority’s border either by another council or by one of 30 voluntary sector adoption agencies.

Ministers believe the fee acts as a disincentive to local authorities making a thorough search outside their borough for potential parents, particularly for children least likely to find a new home.

The government’s education and adoption bill will also include new powers to require local authorities to merge or outsource services to single regional agencies if they do not do so themselves within two years.

Osborne said: “We cannot sit by when so many children are waiting so long to find a stable, loving home, particularly when there are parents out there who want to adopt. It just isn’t good enough.

“It shouldn’t matter where those families might live. This funding will cover the fees that local authorities have to pay when families are found from other areas, and I hope will mean many more children are adopted more quickly.”

David Cameron has asked all relevant government departments to work together on a broad plan to improve and speed up the adoption process.

Officials point out that the number of children adopted increased from 3,200 in 2010 to 5,050 in 2013/14.
Source Guardian Online

Bob Geldof attacks family court over treatment of Peaches and Fifi: Says rulings made it impossible to take care of his children | Daily Mail Online

This is happening all over the UK in every family court. Children deprived of one or both natural parents.

‘Abuse’ row over baby’s Mongolian blue spot birthmark – BBC News

‘Abuse’ row over baby’s Mongolian blue spot birthmark

A baby girl was referred to social workers after a doctor incorrectly reported a birthmark as bruising, the child’s parents have said. Read more Click here