FINALLY EXPOSED- UK Courts Stealing Kids


Forced Adoption

Baby stolen at birth, denied medical treatment and sustained 2 head injuries under Cardiff local authorities. We’ve been fighting an injustice 23 months. In 3 of these, you will see the head injuries, and her hair wasn’t growing (due to being laying down long periods this was ignored) it’s abuse. Forced adoption social services use future harm and we still campaign to be heard. She was the first child born and the first grandchild.transferred her to another hospital away from her family.. hundreds of families losing their children. We demand a public inquiry and apology. Allegations that are untrue and denied witness, in the secret family courts. Fabricated lies putting families through hell. The dad still denied 2 go on the birth certificate, old enough to kill in the military army (training) but not to have a family. No criminal convictions, there no drink/drugs history an only started smoking their reports and false allegations. Told to amend papers and never, on two occasions. Please subscribe and share and follow us on our campaigns and protesting. We wish you all well x

2000 children are taken every month in the UK by Social Services

2000 children are taken every month in the UK by Social Services, most of these from innocent families. My book TAKEN needs to be published to tell the story of how my 3 were taken aged 1, 3 and 5 whilst I was pregnant with the 4th. I fought to get them back – it took a year! Most never return home. Please help fund ‘TAKEN’ to be published. It is a vital gateway into Parliament, the legal system, universities and Social Services to fight to bring change.