Support Groups

Below is a list of groups where you can access support and advice.


5 thoughts on “Support Groups

  1. Please help :’-( my 7yr old daughter who was taken 2yrs ago has me extremely worried about her mental and emotional health lately thanks to all the drift and delay in our case 😦
    She has for the last few weeks been saying how she will kill herself if she can’t come home as she can’t cope not being with me!! I’m so very worried and very understandably scared x


  2. Start up the petition via, as this will result in far more people becoming aware of what is going on, and it should also result in a larger number of signatures petitioning for a change in the law.


  3. My daughter was forced to be adopted when she was 3 years old. I raised her on my own from the time she was born to 3 years of age before she was snatched from my arms, it was suppose to be open adoption. But I have not seen, spoke or seen pictures of her since her 4th birthday when she cried for mommy and begged to go home with me and her adoptive dad yanked her by the arm and said “IM NOT DEALING WITH THIS” and I haven’t seen her since then. Idk what school she goes to. I sent her a valentines day card in 2010 and the adoptive parents moved and changed their phone number and I haven’t heard from them since.. I was good enough to raise her and then all of a sudden someone in my family wanted to adopt her and that was the end of it, they took her from my home. I done everything social services asked of me and they still took her. I want to sue them because everything and every reason they said they were taking her was untrue and I have the proof of just how i untrue it was and the letters sent to me. I am happy to show to stuff to anyone. I wasnt suppose to be able to sign a consent form because of my age at the time, so instead they made me and made me sign it while no one was around like I was willing to do it and I wasn’t. I was told I would go to jail if I didnt. I was also told that it had nothing to do with my daughter. I didnt even understand what the paper was because I was so young. As I grew older the more I understand. I also have in writing that I was suppose to still see her and I haven’t. I was young but i done a dang good job at raising her, I was took advantage of. They seen a young mother they could just run over and they did.


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