Traffic – The Documentary 5 minute extract

The feature length documentary that they dont want you to see. 5 minute extract from the DVD which is due for release December 2014. The real truth behind the child protection system. Social workers, Judges, Lawyers and Guardians of the court all working together to secure the removal of children from their families and traffic them around the UK. Share, share make people aware.


Systematic Destruction of Families

The main weapon used by social services and CAFCASS is the sytematic destruction of a family unit. Once a child is identified for fostering and/or adoption, they set into action the slow but methodical breaking up of a family unit. First the mother and father are parted, social service tell each parent, ‘we can only work with you if you separate’. Or, ‘if you don’t separate, you will lose you child’.

The fear tactic always works, because parents have no way of knowing if what social workers say is to be believed or not. The main point here is, you are not obligated to do anything a social worker tells you to do. The next use of fear is, if you don’t comply, we will go to court, the point is, if they need to go to court, then they really do not have any authority. Authority has to be granted, it cannot be assumed. If you have granted authority, you can remove it at any time.

They have separated the parents with the use of fear. The next step is to discredit the rest of the family so that they can be ruled out as carers. They will look for and make up any evidence that the extended family cannot be considered. One example is to say that ‘the family collude together’. The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines collude as; to act together secretly or illegally in order to deceive or cheat someone:

Families do not collude, what they do is, come together to support each other going through a horrendous process and to find a way to keep the child within the family. The other tactic is to divide the family and create conflict between them. If a child is in the care of relatives, social workers and guardians will attempt to split the family by cosying up to them, making them feel important.

Once they separated the parents, divided the family to the point of infighting, they can now go into court and be able to convince a judge that the baby should be placed in foster care or adopted. Parents and extended families need to very quickly wise up to the tactics the social workers and guardians use and be readied and prepared. Do not give them the ammunition they will come looking for. If they make accusations about you or your family, produce evidence to the contrary. Never agree to any accusations if they are simply made up and fabricated.