Parenting assessments for Parents with Learning Difficulties

This guidance forms part of a strategy for children of parents with learning difficulties. Its purpose is to support professionals by suggesting some basic guidelines for parenting capacity assessments in cases involving parents with learning difficulties.  Click here »» to read the full article.


Child row pair win judge’s sympathy

Child row pair win judge’s sympathy read more, A couple who are fighting to stop their two-year-old son being adopted but cannot afford to pay for lawyers are in a “shocking” predicament, one of Britain’s leading judges has said Click here…

A top judge said he is disturbed at the predicament of a couple fighting to stop their two-year-old being adopted

British Dyslexia Association Justice Guide

Good Practice Guide for Justice Professionals
Guidelines for supporting Clients and Users of the Justice System who have Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties

Justice Guide 2012 Click Here to read
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