Adoption Is Trauma That Happens To A Child



The big boy’s network protects each other. What we need to consider here is the trauma that affects the child and parent. Traumatised people will demand that anyone protect them from a real or imagined threat. A traumatised nation living in fear will create more things to be afraid of. A single thought is very powerful, the collective thought is even more so.

The state creates an imaginary threat and the people demand security. If that means going to war, bombing, killing maiming, destruction, then so be it, so long as I feel the state is protecting us, we will accept the atrocities of war. A traumatised nation is a compliant nation, they are consumed with surviving that they become consumers. They become consumers of anything they think will help them to feel better, or anything they are told they need to feel better.

A consumer is someone who is consumed by their own fears and insecurities that they will look to anyone or anything that says that they can help them reduce the feeling. We build a system based on consumerism and attainment of material things and we create consumers. This is achieved by reducing people down to feeling that they are worthless and undeserving. This is achieved by traumatising people through various means. I see the ripping apart of families and the threat of ripping apart of families as the ultimate tool of trauma.